Serious Crashes

Saturday 26 March – Easter Long Weekend – Perth WA

More than 30 serious crashes in one day

Channel Nine Perth reports more than 30 serious car crashes in one day. A few drops of rain is an excuse for some motorists who behave like toddlers playing with angle grinders, to endanger others. Some mature fully licensed drivers don’t understand physics at all. It is commonly known that first rain after a long dry period will make intersections more slippery until there has been enough volume of water to wash off oily and slippery residue absorbed by dry concrete throughout the summer months. Not rocket science, it is commonly known fact.

Major intersections are spots where the motorists need to take extra precautions to avoid losing control of their vehicle when it rains, particularly after a long dry period. Here is why. Most cars drip some fluid while they are waiting for the traffic lights to change. It may not be a significant amount of fluid individually, but over an extended period probably tens of millions of vehicles transit these intersections. In dry weather, the concrete will absorb any oily residue and traction of the road surface and tires will not be affected significantly. A mixture of water and oil can be a recipe for disaster if you are not careful regardless of conditions of your tires and ability of your vehicle. Serious crashes happen when you don’t expect them, it may not even be your fault. Arrive alive this Easter season.

It’s crucially important to understand basic laws of physics when it comes to driving. Also, know your vehicle and its ability. Driver’s experience can play a big role in treating slippery road driving. At Driving School WA we offer wet weather driving during wet seasons at no extra charge than a normal driving lesson.

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