Blocking Intersections in Driving Test

Blocking intersections when you can’t clear them on a green light is considered a traffic violation. It is discouraged during a practical driving assessment and after you receive a driver’s licence. And here is why:

  1. Flow: Blocking intersections can lead to congestion, making it difficult for other drivers to move through the intersection. Committing forward when you can’t clear a part of the road can cause a traffic surge effect, leading to jams and delays.
  2. Responsiveness: Blocking intersections can create dangerous situations for drivers and pedestrians. Blocked traffic at an intersection can make it challenging for pedestrians and drivers to clear the street safely. As a driver who is going for their driver’s licence, you must react to any situation as well as any experienced driver.
  3. Consequences: Blocking an intersection or a carpark entry is a traffic violation, and such action can immediately terminate your driving test. Learner drivers who obstruct intersections will fail driving tests instantly. Please write down this rhyme and share it around. Only commit if your vehicle can fit.
  4. The Examiner’s Perspective: It’s essential to be considerate of other road users and avoid rushing through intersections at any cost. They will value your courtesy as much as your driving skills. If you show frustration towards the traffic conditions or other drivers, you will most likely fail your test.
  5. Courtesy and Respect: Obstructing an intersection is considered disrespectful and inconsiderate, even if unintentional. Following traffic rules and common sense when driving is necessary to pass your driving test.

How do we avoid blocking intersections?

  • Always approach intersections cautiously, plan well in advance, and be prepared to stop and wait for a better opportunity to clear the street if committing further forward is unsafe.
  • Allow enough space on the other side of the intersection for your vehicle to clear it completely before proceeding.
  • If traffic ahead is blocking your passage or entrance to a carpark and you won’t be able to clear the intersection, wait until there is sufficient space for your vehicle to cross without obstructing traffic.

Adhering to these principles can help improve traffic flow, promote safety, and reduce frustration for yourself and other road users.

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Bloking Intersections in the driving test is avoidable


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