If you struggle to find earlier driving test dates, we can assist. Our Students Only. Real-time driving test bookings are proven to be inconvenient as there are limited bookings released at random times. We are determined to find a date, time and licensing centre of your choice.  If you already have a test booking make sure you get a professional opinion before it’s too late to postpone. Knowing the criteria will make your assessment easier, and your chances of passing will be greater. If you are still in the process of getting your learner’s permit, here are driving test questions, ROAD RULES THEORY TEST Get familiar with road regulations in WA

Second Driving Test

If you already attempted and didn’t pass your PDA, then there is a “re-sit” fee payable to the Department of Transport, before you can book another one. After the date of unsuccessful driving exam, there is a seven-day penalty period. For example, if you failed on Tuesday you are not entitled to make a new booking before next Wednesday. The re-sit fee will be payable even if you missed or didn’t cancel driving assessment more than two business days prior. For any additional information, please feel free to contact us. We may have driving test dates under our other student’s names who may not be ready. In that case, we swap booking dates. Our students Only.

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At driving School Wa we assist our driver training participants with PDA bookings. Unfortunately, we don’t search for PDA bookings on behalf of students who haven’t completed any driving lessons with us and intend to use their private vehicle for a PDA.

Book Driving Assessment Responsibly

A minimum of 2 business days cancellation or change to PDA bookings apply. Please be certain you can take time off before you book driving test. Please note, if you have a medical certificate your PDA entitlement gets reinstated. Check our Online Booking facility. 

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