Preparation for Practical Driving Test in Perth

Mock driving tests are part of our driver training. Without being familiar with particulars, it is tough to pass PDA. At Driving School WA, we implement our extensive knowledge to help learners pass driving tests with a minimal number of driving lessons. Rules for driving tests in WA apply to every candidate. Regardless of age, you are required to meet the standard set by the DOT. Check PDA availability by clicking on the Logo.

Driving Test Criteria Points

To be ready for driving assessment you will have to be familiar with the entire test process. To meet the standard and pass practical driving assessment you will need to pass following criteria: Looking (observing in general), Signaling (using indicators on time and correctly), Flow (completing maneuvers with minimal delay), Movement (starting, stopping and turning smoothly), Path (keeping within prescribed perimeters, not cutting corners etc.), Responsiveness (responding to any crisis reasonably) and Vehicle Management (steering, sitting position, gear selection). Note, there is no substitute for a reasonable number of professional driving lessons.

Is it important to know all the test routes to be able to pass?

We don’t teach our learners how to pass driving tests by knowing the test routes. We teach how to drive safely in any given circumstances. Our learners are familiarized with the test centre area. Not with the purpose to make shortcuts in the process but to increase the possibility of passing a PDA. We have an outstanding Pass Rate because our methods work. Text or call 0403 727 030 Check our 24 Seven Instant Online Booking facility.

Booking PDA Appointments

As a part of our service, we organize driving tests for our students, free of charge. We know it may be difficult to find booking dates and times that suit your schedule. Feel free to CONTACT US

To pass a driving assessment in Western Australia, all candidates must meet the standard by achieving at least all minimum scores of the criteria. Pass 4 of the 5 sections (minimum requirement), providing that no endorsements are recorded in the “Discontinue” or “Fail” boxes. We offer detailed preparation for a PDA. Call us or book lessons online 24 seven.

Discontinue Driving Assessment

Practical driving assessment will be Discontinued under the following circumstances:


In the judgment of the assessor, the candidate is not capable of taking the assessment


Candidate’s vehicle is not roadworthy


A vehicle is not appropriate for the class or a type of licence they are sitting the test for


Candidate’s vehicle breaks down during the PDA


A bribe or inducement is offered – if something that would not typically be present during the PDA adversely affects the authenticity or validity of the test

Fail Driving Assesment

The following list indicates the immediate Fail of the Practical Driving Assessment


The assessor gives assistance or has to intervene to avoid a potentially dangerous situation


Candidate disobeys any regulatory sign or marking


Candidate speeds


Candidate disobeys any traffic regulation that immediately or potentially threatens the safety


Candidate drives without wearing a seat belt


Candidate fails to respond to a crisis that would normally be anticipated by an experienced driver


Candidate causes a crisis or potential crisis


Candidate refuses to attempt or is unable to perform any part of an exercise


Candidate refuses to follow a reasonable instruction given by the assessor

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