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Share Driving Lessons

Exclusive Deal for Siblings, Friends, and Partners 

At Driving School WA, we offer cost-effective driving courses tailored for siblings, friends, and partners. We have an adequate understanding of financial strain, limiting some people to achieve their goal. Rest assured that we will be honest with you because we aim to maximize priorities efficiently. We demonstrate all aspects of what you are required to complete successfully in the PDA. We don’t suggest to our clients to spend more money than necessary. So, share driving lessons with someone who is on a budget too.

Driving School WA operates in all Perth metropolitan licensing centres. We can also assist you finding a test booking date at your preferred local centre. Contact us for a consultation 5 days a week. Make an inquiry. Feel free to ask us anything about driving, licensing, road rules and regulations. We can give you Freeway Driving Lessons, even during peak hour traffic. We help when nobody else can.

About Sharing Your Driving Lesson

Particulars of this Exclusive Deal are as follows: 

  • 100 minutes driving lesson, automatic or manual
  • Cost $110.00
  • Maximum two people can share (50 minutes each)
  • It must be with either automatic or manual
  • Pick up and finish can be at different locations
  • Online Booking not available for this service (please call)
  • Can be incorporated on the test day (must be arranged prior)

Delivering our promises while being mindful and respectful of our client’s money and time, we consistently achieve top results. Also, we convey our knowledge selflessly. Assuring our learners within the first five minutes of their driving lesson of our standard of expertise is important. We demonstrate the ability to drive from the passenger’s side. A comprehensive driver training is just a click away. We can capably teach all levels. Auto, manual or an upgrade? We’ve got you covered. All driving instructors have millions of kilometres. With an extensive knowledge of how to treat all situations in traffic, we teach efficiently. Get a perspective on much more than just driving a little automatic or a manual car. Call us or book online.

Driving Assessments

If you are one of our valued clients, we will find a suitable driving assessment booking for you because we care. Often, it can be tough to find a suitable PDA appointment. The Department of Transport releases new bookings Monday to Friday. So you may want to check the availability. More importantly, our knowledge of any driving test centre area is second to none.