Service Policies and Procedures

Our Service Policies and Procedures

Anyone using our services must accept the conditions outlined in this document. No exceptions, safety is our first priority. Our Website visitors Privacy Policy Statement and Terms and Conditions Agreement form part of the following Service Policies and Procedures document, which you can find on the bottom of this page. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Every effort is made to keep the availability of our driving instructors updated on a frequent basis. However, Driving School WA management takes no responsibility for accidental double-bookings, and we assure our clients that we will make all reasonable steps to avoid any inconvenience. Being double-booked due to high demand (especially during school holidays) is beyond our control. Often we get bookings online while we make bookings in person per completion of driving lessons with our existing students.

  • Learner drivers must produce valid WA learners permit or an overseas licence upon commencement of your driving lesson. Failure to do so may result in cancellation or postponement of your appointment. Your instructor has the right to decline to provide the service. We don’t charge cancellation fees if we receive the cancellation notice at least two hours prior. If your allocated instructor has shown up for your pre-booked lesson or driving test, in case the learner doesn’t turn up or has insufficient documents, the 50% of payment may be required.

  • We reserve the right to discontinue a driving lesson if a client objects the use of our dual controls. This type of behaviour will NOT be tolerated. We are experts in driver education field, and we only do what is necessary to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. We also reserve the right to decline to teach anyone who acts in a disrespectful manner towards other road users or us. Including but not limited to multiple short notice cancellations, intention to drive intoxicated, purposely refusing to follow our instructions, etc. In the event of discontinuation, the full fee will be charged. This type of scenario is highly unlikely but not impossible.

  • Learner drivers must be contactable on the day, before a driving lesson so that we can contact them prior and upon arrival at the meeting point. In some cases, if the client is not contactable, especially if the booking was made Online and we never spoke to them previously, we reserve the right to cancel that booking. If a client has confirmed their appointment and running late, driving instructors shall wait a maximum of 30 minutes unless any further communication has been made. If the lesson is cancelled after being confirmed within the short time before commencement and if we feel that the reason for cancellation is not legitimate or necessary, we may decline to teach that student permanently.

  • If we are authorised to make driving test bookings on behalf of our customers we will find suitable bookings. This is a complimentary service. However, if a customer who gave us the Authority does NOT confirm they want to sit the PDA on that day (if they don’t respond to our calls in not less than Two Business days before the PDA date) regardless of whether they wish to take the Practical Driving Test privately, with other company or with us, we will cancel/postpone that PDA booking. If we don’t cancel or postpone we may be held liable for losing their Test Entitlement which is the amount of $73.70 payable to DOT (Department of Transport) in the event of not showing up or cancelling late. We will not be accountable to pay or reimburse this Fee, therefore, we reserve the right to act as stipulated in this Clause. It’s best to be contactable and please advise us if you change your contact number. This type of scenario is unlikely but not impossible. Students who are prone to forgetting their PDA booking date are usually those who take lessons on a less frequent basis.

  • If a customer claims that they left their belongings, including but not limited to learner’s permit card, logbook, mobile phone etc. We will thoroughly check a vehicle and if found, it will be returned at our Earliest Convenience. Please be advised that we don’t take responsibility for such items. After each appointment with us, we will remind you to take all of your items.

  • When meeting at a nominated Licensing Centre location for a driving test or a block lesson, mobile phone MUST be switched on before the meeting. If you are using our Driving Test Car-Hire service, please be advised that you must have your PDA pre-booked unless we did it on your behalf. Also, you must have a confirmation letter provided by Department of Transport. Driving assessment must be booked through Department of Transport, not driving school. We provide a vehicle and tuition, but we don’t conduct practical driving tests. If we haven’t previously met a client and if they only want to use our car, a minimum of 45 minutes vehicle familiarization is required. If we don’t qualify a client as fit to drive for any legitimate reason, we reserve the right to decline them. The fee shall be forfeited. We urge candidates to make appointments responsibly. Doing the research on the standard to successfully pass a PDA is strongly recommended.

  • We may use digital Dash-cam or Voice recorder occasionally, mainly for training and coaching purposes. These devices are not used during practical driving assessments due to regulations in Western Australia. We may also record our phone conversations, strictly for coaching and training purposes. Our online booking system provides a record of the number of driving lessons and cost. We can provide invoices and all particulars, times, dates, type of service if needed. All pre-paid lessons including gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase/funds transfer, and lessons must be completed within the 12 month period. Unless a genuine reason is provided, all pre-paid services after 12 months will be deemed expired. Extensions on Gift Certificates can be granted upon request.

It’s in the best interest of our clients to strictly adhere to our service policies and procedures. We welcome your suggestions if they can benefit our learner drivers, the efficiency of driver education and overall results.

Our Website visitors Privacy Policy Statement

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