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Driving School WA offers top services and affiliates with “Results” focused, experienced and professional driving instructors with excellent communication skills. Two decades of Driver Education industry experience. We specialize in providing comprehensive driving lessons for Automatic and Manual Car in Perth. Also, we help organize PDA test bookings for our students. Driving School WA offers adequate driver training that will save you hundreds of dollars and countless hours of your valuable time. We don’t charge cancellation fees! However, we appreciate earlier notice if you need to cancel an appointment.

Choosing a Driving School in Perth

With a growing number of driving schools across Perth, it can be an overwhelming task to find a driving instructor who can teach driving efficiently. An instructor with high work ethics and experience. Our promise to all of our prospective learners is that you will receive the highest standard of driving tuition in Perth. The volume of referrals we get from our past clients, their friends and relatives is the testimony to the level of service we proudly provide to the Perth community. Driving School WA offers a wide range of driving courses. No Obligation free consultations, Monday to Friday during business hours. Learn driving with ease. Best driving instructors in the business.

Driving Instructors Qualification

All driving instructors are fully trained and qualified to provide the highest level of driving lessons for C-A and C classes driver’s licence in Western Australia. As a part of our service, we organize Driving Test bookings, at our clients’ preferred licensing centre and we can find test times and dates suitable for you (our students only), according to your work/school schedule and commitments. Our instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. All the instructors are healthy, fit and alert. If you are a licensed driving instructor, call us for a confidential chat. For driving instructor jobs call 0403727030. The best admin support in Perth. Book and manage driving lessons Online

Driving School WA Automatic and Manual Driving Courses

Driver training with us includes all the difficult tasks that parents aren’t able to do without dual controls. The maneuvres such as turning right at a major intersection not controlled by traffic lights. Also, we teach lane changing and merging at high speeds. A part of our routine is freeway driving. We will advise parents of any issues regarding the progress. If a learner driver requires the frequent use of dual pedals, we don’t recommend non-professional lessons. We take our business extremely seriously because operating a motor vehicle is a significant part of the daily routine. The advice we give you will be honest and accurate. We put people’s safety before our financial reward.

For anything relating to driving and driver’s licenses contact us for a chat, 0403 727 030 or Book Online (instant booking) 24 Seven


1. Every effort is made to keep the availability of our driving instructors updated on a frequent basis. However, Driving School WA takes no responsibility for accidental double-bookings. We assure our clients that we will make all reasonable steps to avoid any inconvenience. Occasionally double-bookings due to high demand (especially during school holidays) is beyond our control. Often we get bookings online while we make bookings in person per completion of driving lessons with our existing students.

2. Learner drivers must produce valid WA learners permit or an overseas licence upon commencement of your driving lesson. Failure to do so may result in cancellation or postponement of your appointment. Your instructor has the right to decline to provide the service. We don’t charge cancellation fees if we receive the cancellation notice at least two hours prior.

3. We reserve the right to discontinue a driving lesson if a client objects the use of our dual controls. Our instructors are experts in driver education field. They only do what is necessary to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. Also the instructors reserve the right to decline to teach anyone who acts in a disrespectful manner towards other road users or us. Including but not limited to multiple short notice cancellations, intention to drive intoxicated, purposely refusing to follow our instructions, etc. We will charge the full fee in the case of discontinuation.

4. Learner drivers must be contactable on the day, before a driving lesson so that we can contact them prior and upon arrival at the meeting point. Otherwise, if it’s an Online booking, and we never spoke to them previously, we reserve the right to cancel that booking. If a client has confirmed their appointment and running late, driving instructors shall wait a maximum of 30 minutes. After confirming the appointment and then canceling within the short time before commencement, if the reason for cancellation is not necessary, we may ask the 50% of or service fee.

5. When meeting at a nominated Licensing Centre location for a driving test or a block lesson, mobile phone MUST be switched on. If you are using our Driving Test Car-Hire service only, you must have your PDA booking confirmation with you. For PDA bookings go to Department of Transport. We provide a vehicle and tuition, but we don’t conduct practical driving tests. If we haven’t previously met a client and if they only want to use our car, a minimum of 45 minutes vehicle familiarization is required. If we don’t qualify a client as fit to drive for any legitimate reason, we reserve the right to decline that service. The fee shall be forfeited. Make your appointments responsibly.

6. We may use digital Dash-cam or Voice recorders occasionally, mainly for training and coaching purposes. We may also record our phone conversations, strictly for coaching and training purpooses. Our online booking system provides a record of the number of driving lessons and cost. We can provide invoices and all particulars, times, dates, type of service if needed. All pre-paid lessons including gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Unless a genuine reason is provided, all pre-paid services after 12 months will be deemed expired.

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