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Look no further because at Driving School WA our instructors are experienced, knowledgeable, fully qualified and reliable. Highly efficient auto and manual driving courses. World Class Tuition.


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Learn to drive with Driving School WA Perth

Learning to drive and obtaining a Manual or Automatic Car Driver’s Licence in Perth often seems like a difficult task for young learner drivers. We offer a wide range of driving courses in Perth and we have a methodical approach of familiarizing our students with driving test criteria and all potential risks associated with driving.

At Driving School WA, we are “RESULTS” focused, friendly, reliable and highly experienced driving instructors who have great communication skills. We will convey all necessary safe driving techniques to our learners effectively. Our main emphasis is safety, customers’ satisfaction and great driving test results.

Duration of our individual Driving Lessons ranges from 45 minutes to 180 minutes. We can help you prepare for a driving assessment at your preferred Metropolitan Licencing Centre and guide you how to find a suitable booking date and time. Driving School WA offers highly efficient Intensive Driving Courses suitable for all levels, beginners & advanced. Contact us for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation.

About Driving School WA. Driver Education in Perth since 2001. Premier driving courses for learner drivers. Automatic and manual driving tuition. Professional, qualified, fit and healthy driving instructors

We will teach you how to drive confidently in various traffic situations. Call During Business Hours or Book Online 24 Seven


Manual Driving Lessons

Learn to drive in Perth in a manual car. Our manual driving courses include driving lessons and driving test services (bookings and preparation). Our manual driving instructors have two decades of experience in the driver training industry in Perth. Book a manual driving lesson today! Driving School WA can help. Top Pass Rate, all test centres.


Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic lessons with our professional driving instructors are efficient and on average take less time to get ready to sit for your driving test than with manual transmission vehicle. Our automatic driving Instructors are experienced and proactive in their teaching. Book an automatic driving lesson today! Intensive auto driving courses available.


Automatic to Manual Upgrade

If you need to upgrade your driver’s licence due to work requirements or any other reason, please contact us to organize driving test at your local licensing centre. The number of manual driving lessons usually depends on previous experience and a coordinative ability of candidates. Book a manual licence upgrade  High Pass Rate in all centres. Try us out.


Early Driving Test Bookings

We can help you decide when to take a driving test booking in Perth and chose a Metropolitan Licencing Test Centre. Please don’t hesitate to call us during our business hours. The vast majority of learners who fail a PDA blame lack of preparation and booking too soon. If Driving School WA can’t help, nobody can! Driving test services Perth. Book a car for your PDA



Driving Test Car Hire In Perth

We can provide you with a car for your driving test (subject to our availability). Meet at the PDA centre, 45 minutes driving lesson prior to the driving assessment and use our vehicle. Call 0403 727 030 for more info during our business hours. If you have questions, ask Driving School WA. Can’t find a car for your PDA? We can help. Our vehicles are in Top Condition. Why Risk? 


Book A Driving Lesson Online

Find a driving instructor near you and book your driving lesson online. Appointments are confirmed immediately so you can rest assured that you can book and manage your driving lesson bookings 24/7 in the privacy of your own home. Our driving instructors are fully qualified. If Driving School WA can’t help, nobody can. Driving lessons are just a click away. We come to you!

We service all suburbs in Perth


“First-time pass. Could not be happier. It only took 15 lessons from scratch. I learnt a lot and definitely recommend Driving School WA.”

Caleb S – Bayswater

“I had many bad driving habits after driving for 20 years overseas. I passed my manual driving test first time Cannington Licensing Centre.”

Mohamed M – East Perth WA

“Passed the first time. I was nervous on the day but Steve taught me how to handle the pressure and to believe in my ability to pass my driving test.”

Jack B – Ballajura WA

“I passed with only a few minor mistakes thanks to structured quality practice I had the day before and on the day of my driving test.”

Pamela P – Madeley WA

“Got my manual licence upgrade at West Perth licensing centre, I knew exactly what to expect in the driving test, definitely 5 star service .”

Jorge N – Madeley WA

“I got my first driver’s licence at 24. Late learner but great driving exam results, I had a clean sheet. Definitely recommend.”

Alex H – Ellenbrook WA

“Steve made it so easy, he booked driving test for me. I only had 3 driving lessons and passed. I finally got my overseas license converted.”

Patience M – Joondanna WA

I had 12 or 13 lessons with not much of previous experience, I passed my manual first time in Cannington test centre. Thank you Driving School WA.”

Daniel M – Inglewood WA

“Passed my test in Mirrabooka licensing centre first time. Steve taught almost everyone from my work (Jim Kid Sports Morley) and everyone had great experience. 5 stars from me.”

Jaxon C – Noranda WA

“Definitely 5 stars. Passed my driving test with only 5 professional lessons with Steve. It was very effective driving course. I got my manual licence.”

Oliva J – Woodlands

“Passed my manual on my first attempt. My test was booked by Driving School WA. I was impressed by the level of service. It was a great experience.”

Kyle D – Morley WA

“Finally, got my overseas licence transferred. Driving test was effortless with your help. Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

Jigna V – Innaloo WA

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Driving School WA

Frequently Asked Questions

Commitment and competence separate professionals from the amateurs.

We have comprehensive driving courses structured to help our learner drivers achieve their goals.

Thousands of serious hours have gone into developing and improving our teaching methods over the past two decades.

Hire a knowledgeable driving instructor who doesn’t charge per hour but brings the value to the hour.

We care about the outcome!

Driving School WA

Is it easier to get an automatic licence first and then upgrade to manual?

It depends on your needs, the time you can allocate for learning to drive and the budget. Also, it takes less time to learn driving an automatic than a manual. Moreover, it varies from person to person. Coordinative ability and predispositions, such as any previous experience or motivation can play a big role. It’s best to contact us for more detailed advice.

I have an overseas driver’s licence, should I learn how to drive in Western Australia, are the road rules different?

We can find out your individual position depending on your driver’s licence country of origin. There is usually a verification process carried out by your Embassy. The next step is conditional upon their findings. That can include the legitimacy of your international licence, expiry date or any special conditions affecting your status. 

Do I need a learner’s permit to upgrade my auto licence to manual?

Yes. To book a manual PDA, you will have to go to any Department of Transport office to obtain learners permit for an upgrade to C class. This cannot be done online or over the phone. Your relevant documents need to be sighted by the staff at the licensing centre. However, you can take C class-manual driving lessons without obtaining a permit.

How many driving lessons do I need?

Book a lesson! We encourage our prospective students to book an appointment with us, so we can make an assessment of your level. Let us estimate the number of driving lessons needed. Most importantly, learners who take our advice usually pass their PDA on the first attempt with us.

Is it easy to pass a driving test in Cannington?

You will have to meet the standard in order to pass a driving test. Assessors in Cannington are very friendly and they treat candidates with the utmost respect regardless of the outcome. We encourage our students to have plenty of practice, especially days leading to the driving test date. Best advice, focus on what you are doing during the PDA and plan your moves well in advance.

Which car am I going to drive in the test, do they have cars at the test center?

You are going to use the same car you practice in. If you are using our service on the day, you have a lesson beforehand. The only difference is, someone else is sitting next to you and they are not in the position to help. So, the assessors tell you what to do but not how and why. Department of Transport doesn’t own any vehicles allocated for PDA.

Are they going to take me on Freeway in the test?

No. It would be good if they do that, simply because some young drivers are hesitant about driving at high speeds due to lack of experience on freeways. We take all of our students on a freeway at some stage. There are important aspects that need to be addressed when travelling at high speed. Check our availability. We offer peak hour freeway driving lessons.

Should I practice the “Exercise left something behind” with my parents

It can be counter-effective because they might not be aware of the requirements. We strongly recommend driving with family as much as possible but limiting practice to general driving including parking. If you do, refer to the steps and routines we teach you. Also, it’s good to take written notes. It’s best to combine professional driving lessons in private lessons.

Where do I start and finish my driving lesson?

We come to you. Driving School WA provides door to door service. We are flexible with pick up and drop off point. So, if you want to start at your house and finish at school or work, that’s fine if the two locations are within a reasonable distance. Let us know in advance so we can plan our next driving lesson. Our driving courses are stress-free, structured to suit your needs. View available appointments and driving instructors ONLINE 24 Seven.

Is my first driving test free?

We charge for our services on the day of the driving assessment. When you first get your learner’s permit, if the staff member at a licensing centre advised you that the first driving test is free, it means that you don’t make additional payments to the Department of Transport unless you fail and need to book again. Driving School WA and Department of Transport have separate fees.

In the test, can I ask what’s the speed limit if I am unsure?

No. Or you can ask, but the assessor will not tell you as that would be considered as assistance. Every section in the practical driving assessment will have to be executed independently by the candidate without any assistance. So, be familiar with the area where you’re doing the PDA. Our instructors will show you the test routes because we know all the surrounding areas around Licencing Centres in Perth.

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