Manual Licence Upgrade in Western Australia
Perth Test Centres  Manual Licence Upgrade

Mandatory Requirements in WA for Manual Licence Upgrade (C Class) 

You are under obligation to obtain a learner’s permit in order to sit for your Manual PDA upgrade 
You auto (CA) class licence is not an allowance to book a driving assessment for your manual (C) class
Your current (CA) licence restricts you to driving that class only, manual licence upgrade requires a permit
You are NOT permitted to practice driving a manual vehicle even under supervision without the permit
You can be on your P plates (CA) class to obtain a manual learner’s permit (no restrictions on upgrade)

Obtaining a learner’s permit for manual:
You must go to any metropolitan licensing centre in person between 8:15 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday
You must have your valid photo ID such as your automatic driver’s licence
Take the ticket (book driving assessment), wait to be called, allow up to $80.00 for the PDA entitlement payment

You must meet the standard.  You are required to do another practical driving test and you are assessed under the same guidelines as for your (CA) class. The only addition is manual transmission vehicle management. Contact us for a FREE consultation and bookings.
Have you previously tried to drive manual and found it rather difficult? We have the World of knowledge, rest assured we will get you over the line effortlessly. If you are still on your P’s, whatever stage you are at, it will continue. You will not go back to a provisional licence. Visit the DoT website for further info. Your supervisor other than a professional driving instructor will have a manual driver’s licence for a minimum four years in Western Australia. 

If you have a time-frame to obtain the C class upgrade due to your employer requirements, you need to let us know well in advance. It can be tough to find a suitable date and time for a driving test, especially if you work. We can find you suitable booking arrangements if you give us a reasonable notice. 

You should notify your employer that driving tests are administered only Monday to Friday between 7:05 AM and 3:40 PM. Driving tests are NOT conducted on weekends. You may need to take a day off. If you intend to take only a few hours off, make sure it’s not less than three hours. Particularly during the peak hour traffic, and busy periods in the DOT office if the licence needs to be renewed. 

If you intend to appoint us to help we would be delighted to assist. On average we manage to get our manual-upgraders ready within 4 to 5 driving lessons. If a candidate has had previous experience driving a manual cal, then sometimes even two good sessions are enough.

At Driving School WA we provide Driving Test preparation for all stages. Whether you are beginners, advanced o a manual-upgrader, we get TOP RESULTS time and time again.

We specialize in Auto or Manual car driving lessons and Practical Driving Test routine familiarization. If you need to hire our vehicle for your driving test, we can provide you one. We highly recommend a few driving lessons despite your previous experience. To master driving a manual transmission car, it will take determination and repetition. Please feel free to call us for a friendly and FREE consultation. Book Online Drop us an Email or Call 0403727030