Driving School WA Automatic Driving Lessons

Obtain Automatic Driver’s Licence WA – Learn to Drive Automatic in Perth

The automatic transmission in cars is more advanced than manual and easier to operate due to the simplicity of design. Most luxury cars don’t even come in manual transmission in this technologically advanced era unless you specifically order one. It takes fewer lessons in total to master the skill driving an automatic car than a manual. Automatic cars only have brake and accelerator pedals. We only need to use the right foot to drive an automatic vehicle. To book your automatic driving lessons Perth and surrounding suburbs, check our online instant booking facility. Find a Driving School WA professional driving instructor near you.

How many Automatic driving lessons will I need? 

In most cases, it depends on an individual coordinative ability. We are all different, and in our experience people who chose to be disciplined and coachable throughout their driver training tend to spend less time mastering the skill regardless of learner driver’s predisposition or ability to learn quickly.

Although it’s a lot easier to drive an auto than manual, multitasking, and accuracy of maneuvering a car can be a challenge for those who don’t practice driving often. Being persistent with driving practice is the key to becoming a safe and skilful driver. 

In the recent years, more than 50% of our automatic driving test candidates passed their PDA first time, doing 8 to 12 professional driving lessons on average. Call us for a free consultation. 

We will guide you how to maximize your ability through our step by step perceptual theory tips and give a very accurate estimate of how many lessons you will need. 

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