Driving Tests for International Driver’s Licence Holders in Western Australia
Perth Test Centres Overseas drivers licence

Requirements in Perth for Overseas Drivers Licence and Non – Permanent Residents (working visa holders, refugees, and visitors)

You are legally allowed to drive on your current, valid overseas drivers licence in Western Australia providing that:
You remain a visitor, not permanent resident
Your overseas licence remains valid and current
You are NOT disqualified from driving overseas
You have not had your driver’s licence suspended or canceled in your Country

Temporary overseas visiting drivers include:
Individuals or groups on business trips
People studying in Perth or working temporarily (working visa holders)

Your licence must be written in English. If not, you must have an English translation or an International Driver’s Permit with your original licence. Legitimate translation does not have to be a photo ID document.
In Western Australia, licensing is administered by the Department of Transport. Visit the DoT website for any related matters.  
You can drive legally as long as your licence for the entirety of your trip does not expire during the stay in Western Australia.

If you have a Permanent Residence Visa you will need to apply for a West Australian driver’s licence after THREE months you can not continue to drive on an overseas licence or an IDP.

You can not continue to drive on an overseas licence or an International Driver’s Temporary Permit after 3 months from acquiring Australian Permanent Residency Documents.

If you intend to rent a car after you arrive, most rental companies in Perth require a full International Driver’s Licence and a photo ID. Before traveling to Western Australia ensure that you comply with all the rules and regulations.

At Driving School WA we provide Driving Test preparation for International Licence holders. After becoming permanent residents, it is mandatory to obtain a WA driver’s licence within three months of obtaining permanent residency status in Australia.

We specialize in Auto or Manual car driving lessons and Practical Driving Test routine familiarization. If you need to hire our vehicle for your driving test, we can provide you one. We highly recommend a few driving lessons despite your previous experience. Road rules and regulations may be different than in your Country of origin. Please feel free to call us for a friendly and FREE consultation or Book Online Drop us an Email or Call 0403727030