How to Turn Right at a No Green Arrow Intersection


In Australia, traffic lights without a green arrow typically operate on a standard traffic light system that includes the following colours:

  1. Red: When the traffic light is red, it means that all vehicles must come to a complete stop behind the designated stop line or before the intersection. Drivers are required to wait until the light turns green before proceeding.
  2. Amber/Yellow: The yellow light indicates that the green phase is about to end, and the light is transitioning to red. Drivers should prepare to stop unless it is unsafe to do so.
  3. Green: When the traffic light is green, vehicles can proceed through the intersection or along the road. However, drivers must still exercise caution and yield to any pedestrians or vehicles already in the intersection.

It’s important to note that traffic light configurations may vary across different regions or specific intersections in Australia. There are instances where traffic lights may have additional arrows or signals to guide specific turning movements or provide priority to certain lanes. Always observe the traffic signals and any additional signage present at the intersection for the correct course of action.

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Traffic Lights in Australia and Duration of Amber Light

The duration of the amber (yellow) traffic light in Australia can vary depending on various factors, including the speed limit, the size of the intersection, and local traffic regulations. However, there are general guidelines and recommended time durations for the amber phase.

In Australia, the national guideline for the duration of the amber phase is typically between 3 to 5 seconds. This duration allows drivers enough time to perceive the change in the traffic light from green to amber and decide whether to stop safely or proceed through the intersection if it is not safe to stop suddenly.

It’s important to note that specific jurisdictions within Australia may have their own regulations or guidelines that could slightly differ from the national recommendation. Additionally, some intersections may have longer amber phases due to specific circumstances, such as higher speeds or complex traffic patterns.

To ensure road safety, it is crucial for drivers to be attentive, follow traffic signals, and adjust their driving behaviour accordingly when approaching an amber light, preparing to stop safely if possible.

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Below is a photo of the No Green Arrow Intersection at Mirrabooka Avenue, Western Australia


No Green Arrow Traffic Lights

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