Here are the top 6 reversing mistakes in random order. Learn how to eliminate errors FAST. All of these mistakes have equal importance. The changes you have to make are easy. Understanding to safe reversing technique is the key.

Cover All Angles

Never observe only one side. Fixating eyes to cover one direction can be dangerous. The majority of minor accidents occur because of poor observation skills. Driving test results will depend on your ability to reverse adequately. Human beings don’t naturally do many things backwards, so a bit of extra practice would be helpful.

Get INSTANT ONLINE GIFT CERTIFICATES for driving lessons and tests. In this day and age, most brand new cars are equipped with a reverse camera but even the manufacturers have a disclaimer advising to check surroundings.

Reverse Cameras Safety

Reverse cameras have limited angle coverage. Be careful when reversing and how much you can rely on the camera. You see the rearview but you don’t see the side angles. Manufacturers clearly state that drivers must check their surroundings. You should not overuse the camera. If there is traffic approaching from the left or right-hand side, the reverse camera will not cover those angles. Think of it as partial assistance but certainly not the complete coverage.


Fix Reversing Posture Fast

Bad posture can impact reversing safety. You’ve got to make sure that you see everything. If you sink into the seat too much, you’re not going to be able to frequently observe all critical angles. Make sure that you sit straight and that you can extend your body easily to check every angle properly without missing anything important.


Reversing Mistake at Traffic Lights or Stop Signs

If you accidentally overshoot a solid white line in a driving test you will fail on the spot. More importantly, don’t panic and reverse, because it’s not going to change the outcome of your driving test. Do not attempt to reverse particularly if there’s a car close behind you. If you overshoot too much you will have to correct it by moving backwards very carefully, because you might get hit by a car that you have to give way to.


Reversing Traffic Never has Priority Over Forward-Moving Vehicles

One of the most significant errors that you can do while reversing is to continue to reverse when you have to give way. Reversing traffic in any situation will not have priority over forward-moving traffic. In case of an accident if you were reversing and if you hit somebody who was stationary or going forward, it’s always going to be your fault.

Reversing to the Wrong Side

Never reverse to the wrong side of the road. A lot of learner drivers make this mistake in the exercise Left Something Behind. Ask your driving instructor to practice reversing out of driveways. Your competence will increase your competence, so spend time doing driveway three-point turns.

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