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Wondering Where To Book Your Driving Test in Perth?

Butler, Western Australia: Should You Book Your Driving Test Here?

Butler Driving Test Centre is 41 kilometres north of Perth CBD, and here’s what you must know if you’re taking your driving assessment at Butler Test Centre. The car park entrance and exit are one-way. Be sure that you follow the arrows. The boom gate is sensor-operated. When you get close enough, it will open. Shortly after exiting the test centre, the Examiner will probably instruct you to turn right on Butler Boulevard. This t-junction can be extremely busy. If you can’t execute the right turn at a T-junction 10 out of 10 times, I suggest taking driving lessons from a reputable instructor. If you pass the T-junction without losing points or failing your test, expect another challenge at the next traffic lights, where the assessor will likely ask you to turn right, and you may not have the luxury of the Green Arrow. The intersection of Butler Boulevard and Exmouth Drive. Reportedly, this is where many need help. If the examiner provides verbal assistance, they discontinue your driving test.

Mirrabooka, Western Australia Top Driving Test Fail Spots

Mirrabooka Driving Test Centre. Located 12 kilometres north of Perth CBD. If you booked your practical driving assessment here, you must travel through busy major intersections and deal with traffic lights without the Green Arrow during your test. The intersection of Mirrabooka Avenue and Ravenswood Drive is undoubtedly one of the top fail spots in Western Australia. I urge everyone who wants to become a licensed driver to master this type of scenario. All the examiners at this centre will take you to an intersection like this. If you can’t execute this maneuver safely, you should cancel your driving assessment. When you drive from the Department of Transport car park, the assessor might ask you to turn right at the lights. So you should go straight over to the far right lane and pick the turning lane as soon as it starts. I have several videos on this topic, and if you are watching this one, it’s probably in your best interest to check them out. After you clear this intersection safely, you must merge shortly after. Remember to indicate and check your mirrors promptly and your blind spot just before the line runs out.

West Perth, Western Australia Top Fail Locations

City West Driving Test Centre is approximately one kilometre from Perth CBD and arguably the most challenging place to pass the Practical driving assessment in the metropolitan area. The intersection of Fitzgerald and James Streets is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, one of WA’s top driving test fail spots. It’s one of many around West Perth that doesn’t have a green arrow. Another no-green arrow set of traffic lights on the corner of Bulwer and Fitzgerald Streets is also a well-known fail spot on the City West driving test route. I suggest practising with your instructor here during peak hour traffic.

Cannington, Western Australia Driving Test Routes

Cannington Test Centre is situated 13 kilometres south of Perth CBD, and here are the top driving assessment fail locations along this test route. Cannington is a busy shopping district with many pedestrian crossings and unusual roundabouts. One of the spots you have to be familiar with is the right turn off Albany Highway to William Street, just a hundred metres or so from the licensing centre carpark. You will have two separate lanes, and you’re not allowed to move straight across to the far left lane because there’s an unbroken white line dividing the lanes. If you are instructed to turn back to the test centre, you have only about 70 meters after the line becomes broken to change lanes and turn left to the carpark.

Success, Western Australia The Busiest Driving Test Centre

The Success Driving Test Centre is 22 kilometres south of Perth CBD, and according to several reports, the top driving test fail location around this centre is Gateway Shopping City. This place is so crowded any time of the day. If you booked your practical assessment at Success, I suggest driving through this car park with your instructor as often as possible. If you turn off Beeliar Drive to Wentworth Parade, just a short distance from the licensing centre, you are here at this roundabout within a few hundred meters.

Rockingham, Western Australia Driving Test Route

Rockingham Driving Test Centre is located 45 kilometres Southwest of Perth CBD, and here is where you should practice. Crossing Read Street, where Chalgrove Avenue becomes Centaurus Street. Often, driving test candidates need to intercept the two critical things here. The first action that people often miss is merging traffic without any signage. You must merge by performing prompt checks and indicating even if there’s no road sign stating form one lane. The second big miss is speeding through the school zone. If your driving test is between 7:30 and 9:00 AM or 2:30 to 4 PM during school days.

Midland, Western Australia Driving Test Centre

Midland Driving Test Centre is 19 kilometres east of Perth CBD, and you can expect heavy traffic and sudden changes in speed limits. Sometimes, it’s difficult to see these speed limit changes according to many test candidates who failed for speeding at this centre. If you receive the instruction to turn right off Clayton Street to Lloyd Street, the Examiner will not help you choose the correct lane. Assessors never prompt you to change lanes, and if you hesitate a bit, it may be too late to change, as you’re not allowed to cross the solid white line dividing lanes. I suggest picking the left-turning lane because right lanes in Australia and the UK are fast lanes. Remember that test examiners don’t instruct you to change lanes when needed. For example, here on Great Eastern Highway, they would say, turn right at the next intersection. You must independently do the indication and proper checks. That’s what you score points for. If you receive verbal assistance from your assessor, it will represent an instant test fail.

Kelmscott, Western Australia Driving Test Hub

Kelmscott Driving Test Hub 23 kilometres southeast of Perth CBD. They only conduct driving tests here. This unique Department of Transport outlet does not offer vehicle registration services or any other public facility except for practical driving assessments. Streich Avenue and Armadale Road intersection is one of the most challenging intersections in Perth if you are turning right towards the level Railway Crossing and surely the top driving fail spot in the area. Who says Kelmscott is the easiest place to pass driving tests? I’m afraid I have to disagree. You have to understand how to turn safely at a busy T Junction and, more importantly, how to implement the knowledge and turn it into practice. You have to give way to both directions and if nobody is turning from your left, you can proceed into the refuge lane until it’s safe to turn. As soon as you turn in front of oncoming traffic, providing it’s safe to do so, check your rearview mirror to intercept any significant changes. There is a level railway crossing immediately after you clear this intersection. Never get stranded in the middle of the Railway Crossing. Remember this rhyme: Only commit if your car can fit.

Mandurah, Western Australia Driving Test Fail Spots

Mandurah Driving Test Centre. Situated 70 kilometres Southwest of Perth CBD. Here’s what you should know if you’re taking your practical driving test here. Pinjarra Road is the nearest main road, just a few meters from the exit of the licensing centre. There are quite a few traffic lights on relatively long intersections along this road. Some intersections are as long as 40 meters. Several PDA reports from Mandurah suggest that learner drivers break too often when traffic lights change to amber instead of safely proceeding through the lights when too close to the intersection. If you travel 60 kilometres per hour, you pass approximately 16.6 meters distance per second. You will probably do the exercise Left Something Behind along Wanjeep Street, where many test candidates fail tests for speeding through the 40-kilometre speed limit during school hours.

So, there you go. Now, you can decide where to book your driving test in Perth, Western Australia. It’s fairly difficult to find driving test bookings nowadays, so refresh the search button.

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