Driving School WA - Manual Driving Lessons Perth

At Driving School WA we are very pleased that the vast majority of our learner drivers pass their manual driving test on the first attempt. We have a methodical approach to convey all the necessary tricks to be able to operate a manual car at a reasonable standard. To satisfy the driving test criteria, we assess your individual level of skill, address particular problems and familiarize you with the driving test routine. Consistency is crucial, making lengthy pauses between driving lessons requires a higher number of lessons in total. Don’t delay, call us today. We provide manual driving lessons Perth wide. We affiliate with the best driving instructors in Perth. You will be driving confidently in a few professional driving lessons. We’ve been around since 2001.

How many Manual Driving Lessons will I need?

Most of our recent learner driver clients who passed their manual driving exam the first time only required between 8 and 13 professional manual driving lessons. These learner drivers had either minimal experience or no experience at all. If you are a disciplined student who takes our advice seriously, we can make the whole process effortless. We would be happy to give you more lessons and slower pace if that’s what you prefer. Continuity makes a lot of positive changes. When you learn something new, do it often. Driving can be very enjoyable so why not take the fast track. Ask us for the intensive driver training option.

When can I start practising with my family in a manual car?

We will advise you when you can start practising with your family or friends. Please don’t hesitate to call us for anything to do with driving. It will depend on the level of progress since the beginning of your training. 

For further information on manual driving lessons in Perth and surrounding suburbs and how to obtain your manual driver’s license, call us on 0403 727 030 or Book Online (instant booking system)

Is Driving a manual car complicated?

Yes. The good news is that at Driving School WA, we convey our knowledge efficiently. Rest assured, we will share all the necessary techniques with you because we care. Check how the clutch and manual transmission works in the video below. Nothing is complicated when you understand it. If you are upgrading to C class manual, we can assist.