Should parents teach driving?

Skip the tradition and choose your child’s safety. Appoint a professional diving instructor for at least five driving lessons with automatic and 10 with a manual car. We’ll first familiarize them with basic maneuvers such as driving on main roads. We usually do this on their first lesson. “Should parents teach driving?”

Not in the beginning stages, it can be dangerous! Hire a professional with dual controls

An average cost of one-hour driving lesson in Perth is $65.00

The emphasis in the beginning stages of driver training should never be low-speed maneuvering, but instead, to take them for a long straight drive with the minimal course change. Usually, learners with insignificant amount of previous experience will respond with a positive attitude because it’s easy and fun to cruise straight ahead.


Three most common mistakes when parents teach driving

  1. They treat their teenagers like they should know how to drive and how to respond to crises
  2. They take them straight into the nearest car-park to practice driving at a low speed
  3. They don’t check the hand brake and how efficiently it will work in the event of emergency


The points mentioned above specifically refer to first stages, when a learner driver is unconsciously incompetent. In plain English, it means, when the young driver doesn’t even know how much they don’t know. We help them drive by assisting, using our dual controls. We establish authority in a gentle manner. Our credibility becomes evident within first few minutes. When we demonstrate the ability to drive from the passenger’s side, most beginner-learners start to relax. This is the time when progress begins.


An effective teaching strategy identifies what exact problems we need to focus on. It takes less time to address individual issues that we need to attack and resolve. If parents teach driving to save money, what’s better-spent money than on their children safety and education?  One hour taxi ride costs as twice as much than a professional driving lesson in Perth. The most senseless reaction to the “Taxi” comparison would be, “Uber is cheaper than Taxi.” The point is, we don’t charge per hour, we bring high-value to that hour. More importantly, those who intend to save money on professional driving lessons spent much more in the long run. Here is how.


Driving test pass rate statistics in the last five years in Perth WA

Parents teach driving

Our interview was published in The West Australian on 10 April 2017 as a part of Department of Transports’ pass rate statistics. The key to better driving test results is more time behind the wheel. It’s not rocket science. The DOT acting general manager Steve Mitchinson said that the figures show a continuing slide in the pass rate of Perth learners. Does it really save you money if you have to fail PDA multiple times? To us, it’s black and white. Full article Road to passing test gets lost on learner drivers




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