missed driving test booking    OMG!  Missed Driving Test Booking !!!


Missed Driving Test Booking – Obtain a Certificate or blame someone else

If you had a legitimate reason for not turning up for your driving test, don’t worry. You will only need a written proof of your circumstances. Most common reasons are illness or certain school tests. Most importantly, contact licensing services as soon as possible and keep a record of communication between yourself and department of transport staff. Obtaining a certificate is necessary and submitting it in person to get your driving test entitlement reinstated. If your request is not granted, ask to speak to the manager.

If you missed driving test booking for medical reasons, obtain a certificate on the day of PDA. Best practice is to postpone your driving assessment two business days prior. Of course, we cannot predict illness, but if you have doubts, it’s best to change booking on time. Check test availability.

If you missed driving test booking because of last minute cancellation by your driving school, then Driving School will be responsible for reinstating your test entitlement at their cost. If they refuse to do so, you should contact Consumer Protection department.

If your driving instructor is unable to make alternative arrangements, they MUST pay for it. Some learner drivers who switched to us claim that their ex-instructors canceled last minute and never took responsibility. Individuals and companies who do this should be named and shamed.

Don’t allow to be bullied by the unethical driving instructor or school please feel free to contact us for a FREE advice. All calls are confidential. We have a commitment to helping regardless of nature of the problem.

We encourage you to keep any records of communication if there is a potential conflict. If you are recording a call, make them aware of your intention to do so.