The 2017 Logbook changes for learner drivers in Western Australia. Proposed amendments to take place on 9th October 2017

It’s the end of the era for 25-hour logbook in WA. In October this year, the major changes are about to take place. Hazard Perception test will become pre-PDA requirement and a total number of hours in the logbook will increase from 25 to 50 hours.

Another significant change is announced for learner drivers over 25 years of age. They will be exempted from Logbook obligation due to maturity. Current management of Department of Transport indicates that the exemption is granted to over 25’s because their brain is fully developed. This change is unwelcome in the driver training industry. In our experience age of the learner is never a factor that affects the capability to learn. So, they have neuroscientists in the Department of Transport! We don’t think so.

This is still a proposal, but it’s highly likely it’s going ahead. Also, a minimum of Five hours recorded hours will have to be night driving lessons. So when does the change come into effect? It’s expected to be effective from 9th October 2017.

The logbook will have to be completed before taking the Hazard Perception Test and a Practical Driving Assessment. Those who get their first learner’s permits issued before 9th October will fall under the old law. Those who already have existing permits will not be affected.

New logbook rules – Good or the same ineffective nonsense 

Logbook rules

An opinion of the majority of people we spoke to is negative. New logbook rules will be just as ineffective as before because there is no indication if the hours are legitimate. Sadly, a lot of parents and other non-professional supervisors make up the hours and sign for it. If there is a number of compulsory logbook hours allocated for professional lessons, it will make sense. Night driving lessons are welcomed. Driving School WA 0403 727 030. Book Driving Lessons ONLINE 24/7