Learner driver gets caught 

Three demerit points and $150 fine

A learner driver in Perth loses 3 points for not stopping at the stop sign and copping a hefty $150.00 fine. 

More info on demerit points. Learner drivers are susceptible to loosing their driver’s licence before they obtain it.

It’s commonly known that learner drivers think that if they commit an offense, someone else will pay for it. Not so. After obtaining a learner’s permit, road rules and regulations are the responsibility of the learner.  

Stop Sign 

Learner Driver Perth

One of our clients got pulled over by the cop on the bike in the Perth’s northern suburbs, for not stopping completely at the stop sign. He had a lesson with his sister and assumed that learner drivers can get away with disobeying the regulations. 

It does not necessarily mean every police officer will act the same. Some maybe a little more lenient and give a warning but don’t push your luck out there. This loss of demerit points will be carried over to the driver’s licence, once issued by the DOT.

When you drive with non-professional instructors (parents) they don’ have dual controls, avoid following:

  • speeding
  • rolling through a stop sign
  • driving between 12 AM and 5 AM
  • driving after drinking alcohol (triple NO)
  • driving with underqualified supervisors 
  • driving without the seat belt
  • driving the unroadworthy vehicle 
  • driving too slow on a freeway

Drive responsibly. Being a learner driver doesn’t cover you against fines. Do your research. If you are unsure about anything, contact Driving School WA

We offer free consultations even if you are not our existing client. The expert opinion can’t hurt. Give us a call or text to get a callback, on 0403 727 030

Risk factors to consider

You’re more likely to lose your driver’s licence if you are down to 1 demerit point. Red P plates (first 6 months) you have four points in total. Losing three points on L plates puts you at much higher risk of loosing licence and having to sit your practical driving test again. Think twice about your actions. There are no substitutes for doing things right. Our advice to all learner drivers is, take a lot of professional driving lessons, you will become a better driver. Last but NOT the least, Public Holidays DOUBLE demerit points! 


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