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As commonly known, Hazard Perception Test is a computer test consisting of series of video game-like exercises that novice learner drivers must complete successfully before obtaining their probationary driver’s licence, better known as “P” plates.

HPT is the last step in the process of getting a first probationary licence. Per successful completion of PDA, additional six months and a minimum of 25 hours post-PDA logbook driving is mandatory. Lastly, after 90 calendar days and completed log-book, Opinionlearners are eligible to sit for their Hazard Perception Test at any Licencing Centre in Western Australia.

Should HPT be the last step in the process?

Logically not, most people in the Driver Training industry and a significant number of parents and driving test examiners strongly disagree with the sequence of particulars and level of difficulty of the actual test, required by the Department of Transport.

Shouldn’t Hazard Perception Test be first?

The fact is that a learner driver who passes HPT walks out with driver’s licence in hand and can drive unassisted even on Freeways with multiple lanes at 100 km an hour, and they have only found out they can perceive hazard while operating a motor vehicle based on a few short and simple video games! The opinion of people concerned is that Hazard Perception Test should be much broader and individual tasks in the test need to be more comprehensive with stricter pass criteria. If the HPT was a part of Theory Test as a condition for obtaining Restrictive Licence (Learner’s Permit) or the FIRST step in the process of becoming a P plater, we would have fewer incidents on our roads involving young inexperienced drivers potentially causing injury, death or property damage.

Risks associated with driving and lack of situational awareness when behind the wheel are arguably the least addressed issues by the relevant authorities, concerning young drivers and traffic accident prevention.

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