Driving Test Rules WA

Driving Test Rules WA

What are the Driving Test Rules in Perth WA

When do you fail immediately and when does the test discontinue?

In addition to the score boxes in Driving Assessment sheet, there are “Discontinue” and “Fail when” boxes. It’s of vital importance that none of the “fail and discontinue” boxes are marked because it means “Fail.” Refer to the driving test rules itemized list bellow. 


To get your score boxes evaluated, you must not have any endorsements marked in “Fail and Discontinue” sections. Evaluation of scores is based on achieving minimum or more points of the stipulated PDA test criteria.


 Assessor gives assistance or has to intervene to avoid a potentially dangerous situation

 Candidate disobeys a regulatory sign or marking

 Candidate speeds (most assessors will give speed warning if within 5 km p/h over) 

 Candidate disobeys any traffic regulation that immediately or potentially threatens safety

 Candidate drives without wearing a seat-belt

 Candidate fails to respond to crises or potential crisis that would normally be anticipated by an experienced driver

 Candidate causes crises or potential crises 

 Candidate refuses to attempt or is unable to perform any given part of an exercise

 Candidate refuses or is unable to follow a reasonable instruction given by the examiner



 In the judgement of the assessor the candidate is not capable of taking the assessment

 Candidate’s vehicle is not roadworthy (indicators and stop lights must work, tires must be legal)

 Candidate’s vehicle is not appropriate for the class of the licence 

 Candidate’s vehicle breaks down during the practical driving assessment

 A bribe or any type of an inducement is offered to the assessor conducting the test

 In the judgement of assessor something that would not normally be present during PDA, adversely affects the authenticity, fairness, reliability or validity of the assessment. Example: written notes, audio or a video device.


If you are using a private vehicle for driving assessment make sure the car has centrally mounted hand-brake. Some European cars don’t have a hand-brake in the middle. Feel free to call us for a NO OBLIGATION free consultation.


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