Driving Lessons Southern River

Driving Lessons Southern River

 Do you need a professional driving instructor? You may decide to get professional help by a driving school that has been around for 20 years. We will make sure that you get the right habits in the process of learning. We make it effortless and promise to take you through most potential situations that you may encounter in everyday life. In saying that, we can’t have situations on demand.

What does it mean? We can’t order for example a few cars on the left, a cyclist on the right-hand side and for instance, the truck behind to teach you how to handle a motor vehicle properly. We can trigger those situations by taking you through the spots where we might have a similar scenario. Being in cars with us is a fully controlled environment where we can operate vehicles from the passenger’s side. Progress feedback/report is part of our service too.


Manual Driving Lessons

After your driver training and particularly before you’re driving assessment, you will receive an in-depth written report. We will organise your driving assessment at your preferred driving test centre. We don’t focus on revenue we focus on a level of service that we provide. Surely we need to be rewarded for our time and expertise, but that is not the only motivation behind staying in this industry for so long. Learning to drive can be very stressful, but we will make sure that the experience is effortless.

Our driving instructors will guide you when you perform PDA exercises and include all the necessary tasks through the process. Rest assured that we will give you the best tuition you could find in Perth, Western Australia. We thrive on the success of our students. We are creating safe drivers in Perth since 2001. We have both female and male driving instructors who are keen to help if given opportunity. Our cars are modern and equipped with dual controls.


Manual Driving Lessons

Moreover, we ensure that everything goes smooth throughout every single driving lesson, and even demonstrate that we can perfectly drive from the left side, so the level of stress is minimal. Also, we will guide you through the driving test criteria, scoring points and requirements.  At Driving School WA, we will share every trick up our sleeve selflessly. The parents are welcome to contact us during our business hours for feedback to give them the best advice on what to do outside of their professional lessons.


Manual Driving Lessons

Often learners ask us whether they should practice certain particulars from the driving assessment with the parents. If the parents are unaware of the requirements, it may be counter-effective. For example during the exercise “left something behind” if the parents don’t insist that the learner checks the blind-spot and signals correctly every time or undertakes proper actions in the driveway – out of the driveway it can surely be counter-effective.





Manual Driving Lessons

So, if you can communicate what we teach you with your parents, the answer is, yes absolutely. The best way to enhance your familiarity with road rules is to do a lot of general driving, so you can control the vehicle in most situations as you are still inexperienced driver. In the driving test you’ll be expected to deal with any potential crises as well as any experienced driver. If it’s a potentially dangerous situation in front of you would have to be able to slow down, and do everything to the best of your ability to avoid the pending collision. You should act as well as any experienced driver.


Manual Driving Lessons

The assessors understand that you are inexperienced. However, they will need to see a responsible and safe driver who deserves drivers licence on that particular day. If you allow enough time and consistency in training, we will get you to the level that you can pass. More importantly, you will become a safe driver if you take our expert advice. Feel free to call us. Book or manage your appointments online 24 seven.  

 Most of our driver training participants pass on their very first attempt. Join the list, give us a buzz today!

Kindest Regards from the team at Driving School WA.


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