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We have been around for many years, and have taken many hundreds of learners from your suburb and surrounding areas. What do we teach? Everything to do with safe driving habits and PDA procedures. There are five sections in a practical driving assessment. We will make you familiar with all Procedures for a driving test.

PDA consists of two exercises and three driving sections. In your driving assessment, you will need to follow instructions by the assessor who will judge your performance in each section.  We thoroughly show all the requirements necessary in the driving exam, and we can prepare you to pass on the 1st attempt. Yes, your very first attempt.

Comprehensive Mock-tests are our specialty. Also, we provide intensive driving courses and car-hire for driving test.


Manual Driving Lessons

The summary of the practical driving assessment is as follows:

You will need to score enough points to meet the standard and acquire your driver’s licence.

The seven PDA criteria points are, looking, signalling, flow, movement, path, vehicle management and responsiveness. In the assessor’s judgement and according to the “I assess” software, you will have to score majority of the points throughout the five sections in the test. It can be very easy to pass with a good level of preparation.


Manual Driving Lessons

We take responsibility for all of our students that we take through the driver training. We provide fully controlled learning environment, near new modern cars with all the bells and whistles. Our driving instructors will share everything necessary with you to become a safe and courteous driver.

Remember, there is no substitute for a professional driver training provided by the experts who truly care about the outcome. Driving with other supervisors is certainly a bonus. More road time the better.

The criteria items mentioned before, looking, signalling, flow, movement, path, responsiveness and vehicle management will need to meet the required standard.


Manual Driving Lessons

PDA Western Australia Criteria explained in the following section:

Looking is observing in general. You need to observe the road, your rearview mirrors, blind spots and the side mirrors accordingly in every given situation where necessary.

Signalling is indicating in general. Promptly indicating is the only way of communicating with other road users. Using signals correctly in the driving test will influence the outcome of your PDA.

Flow is how efficiently you drive (both low and high-speed manoeuvres). More precisely, it’s how you combine your skills, how you blend in with the traffic and how little you inconvenience the rest of the road users.





Manual Driving Lessons

Movement of your vehicle. To obtain a driver’s licence you need to flow through the traffic. Also, when turning corners at a low speed and any other actions while in motion need to be smooth.    

Path of your motion on the road and carparks needs to be adequate. You need to pick and track the best path accurately and maintain a steady course of movement throughout the PDA.

Vehicle Management. You need to perform all the drivers’ routine duties in your vehicle as well as any experienced driver. You’ve got to keep an eye on instruments (dashboard).

Additionally, you have to be seated properly, so that you can effortlessly reach all the controls as necessary. If you are driving a manual car (C class driver’s licence), vehicle management is far more complex. You will need to manage your clutch to the required standard.


Manual Driving Lessons

Do not hesitate to give us a call for a complimentary consultation. We have an outstanding pass rate. Feel free to ask us why. We have been around for nearly 20 years. Driving School WA helped many thousands of clients who had a great experience learning. More importantly who became and remained safe drivers. All our driving instructors are fully qualified and eager to help. For driving lessons in Morley and surrounding suburbs, please check our online bookings 24 seven.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kindly regards from the team at Driving School WA.


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