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Waiting time in most Department of Transport Offices in Perth exceeds 40 minutes from the time “C” and “E” ticket is printed. These tickets are allocated for booking, changing and payments regarding Practical Driving Assessments.

When will Driving Instructors have an “express ticket” to help our Overseas Licence holders, as driving tests cannot be booked or changed online? We do this for our clients Free of Charge. Driving test bookings online are available only for full learner’s permit holders but sadly not for people converting their international licence.

Driving instructors are not treated with the respect they deserve when dealing with the staff from Department of Transport, both in person or through the call centre. If we take a “Q” ticket which is the express ticket for after PDA purposes, we get knocked back. Excruciatingly slow service with little or no consideration for what we do.

Why are the car dealerships more respected and valued by DOT? Because they make much more money from them. That’s why they walk in and out with their “express ticket” within five minutes or so while 50 people are waiting for an hour. Unfair!

We save lives seven days a week by conveying safe driving techniques to or learner drivers. We deserve to have priority. We don’t come in or call once in 6 months. We are there almost every day. Call centres are even worse. Waiting time to get to speak to the operator can be up to an hour. We have been hung up on by the operators who may be new and incompetent to swap bookings. We have a substantial amount of evidence to support this. One of the operators asked to call back because she wasn’t trained to do PDA swaps. When requested to be put thru to someone else who knows how to do it due to long waiting time, she disconnected.

How to cut licensing waiting time? Get in at 8:15 AM on a weekday or try your luck by taking a “Q” (express) ticket and they maybe don’t realize they called the wrong ticket for the nature of your inquiry. If you make an inquiry through the call centre, pray to get to speak to someone who is experienced. Good news !! There are BIG CHANGES, or at least that’s what they have been promising for the last two years. Let’s hope for the best. If you need help with your driving test appointment bookings feel free to contact us.

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