Inside or Outside lane? Should we use inside or outside line when turning at the major intersection? That is when we have the two turning lanes available. Well, if you call outside lane the left turning lane then you are right, you should use the left turning (outside lane) whenever possible. The left lane is known as a regular speed lane, and a right lane is a fast lane or the lane used for faster traffic. What do we mean slow and faster traffic?

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Inside or Outside lane – Why Keep Left When Everyone Should Respect Speed Limits

We all should be aware that everyone ought to respect the speed limits and be aware of road rules and regulations. A lot of active road users will go faster than recommended, so common courtesy is to keep in the left lane as long as possible unless we intend to turn right within the proximity which is when we should consider changing to the right or so-called “inside lane.”

So inside or outside lane?

Definitely outside lane as often as possible, because you don’t want to be in the way of faster-moving traffic. Be courteous regardless of what other road users do. An important fact for young and inexperienced drivers because the loss of driver’s licence can be caused by not constantly being aware of simple things such as keeping the speed within the speed limit at all times.

What is the recommended distance from an intersection to change lanes before turning right?

Distance will depend on the density of traffic at any given time. In general, it is recommended to change lanes well in advance in heavy traffic conditions. A couple of hundred meters in a peak hour traffic or at least 50 meters in normal traffic conditions. The most logical conclusion to this will be to change lanes before it’s too late. You be the judge of any particular situation. Don’t leave it until the last moment. If you believe it’s already too late to attempt to change lanes, simply don’t do it, continue straight and make your turn at the next available intersection. The most important thing you need to remember is that “never create any urgency unless necessary”. Drive Responsibly!

23 March 2016

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