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Give Way – Consider the Importance

Be a courteous driver and give way to an emergency service vehicle. What would you do if an ambulance vehicle approaches an intersection? If an ambulance with all warning devices on approaches an intersection you must give way. Do not proceed through the intersection if your vehicle can potentially interfere with its path. There is no excuse for disregarding it. GIVE WAY!

Even when you have a green light or an arrow, you shouldn’t proceed. Don’t do any sudden maneuvers as it can make the situation worse. Also, don’t attempt anything extraordinary or panic. Ambulance drivers are fully trained. Emergency vehicles are usually four wheel drives with powerful engines. They can drive over kerbs and similar obstacles easily. If you are at the Red Light, do not edge into an intersection unless it’s perfectly safe. Try driving into the nearest driveway or on the verge if possible. If there is no safe way of moving out of the path of an ambulance, just stop and wait until they find the way around you. Avoid giving suggestions to other road users.

Paramedics Save Lives

Ambulance personnel will always take a reasonable care before proceeding. In some cases, they will only use the flashing blue and red lights but not the sound. Removing one of the warning devices may be reasonable in some circumstances. If in the paramedics’ judgment, flashing light alone is adequate to warn other drivers of their presence and immediate intentions, they may not use the siren. They may occasionally be seen using only lights either at night or in less dense traffic. Other situations where they will not use the siren may involve treating a patient inside of an ambulance who can be distressed by the sound. In the circumstances where the ambulance is traveling slowly due to nature of the injury of the patient, they will avoid confusing other road users. When traveling in heavy traffic where drivers have limited opportunity to get out of the way, they may avoid using a sound warning. Give way and help them save lives. Be a hero! IN AN EMERGENCY CALL TRIPLE ZERO (000)


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