Driving Test Cancellations




Driving Test Cancellations – DOT Perth – Bad Practices

Driving test cancellations by the Department of Transport are becoming standard practice by individual licensing centres in Perth. Why is it acceptable for DOT to ring a candidate an hour before the driving assessment to cancel due to the absence of the assessor. They don’t consider that clients have other commitments. We had three students in August 2016 who received calls from Cannington licensing centre advising of driving test cancellations at short notice asking them to check availability online literally an hour before the commencement of the PDA. We know that there are qualified assessors who are customer service personnel working behind the counters at Cannington Licensing Centre. Unfortunately, the Cannington branch management refuses to use them in the event of examiner being sick or unable to take the assessment. Who is responsible for lost wages? They don’t want to know about it because they still get paid. It’s not a surprise that DOT Perth is often called the worst department in Western Australia.

One of our students was advised to lodge a complaint, and the telephone operator wasn’t sure how to do it. Disgrace would be an understatement for the level of disregard towards the public. Complaint section can be hardly found on Department’s Website and cannot be saved as a record. We tried submitting a feedback but never heard back from them. Here is what the contact form looks like http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/licensing/make-an-online-enquiry.asp 

Department of Transport has this great sounding slogan “We are making some big changes,” but the public is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the level of customer services they provide. Call centre staff are inconsiderate and incompetent to resolve simple issues. Most operators don’t have the basic customer service skills required and a number of them don’t even have adequate language skills to understand and resolve basic enquiries. 

We advise our learner driver clients to contact head office to claim lost wages in an event of a short notice driving test cancellation. For a free consultation contact Driving School WA