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An unofficial survey conducted by Driving School WA, suggests that a stricter driving instructor will get far better results than those who don’t stress the seriousness of potentially dangerous situations to their learner drivers. 

It is important to make young drivers aware, there are no identical situations on roads, so it’s impossible to develop the formula on how to treat each case using the same techniques. Reaction time and correctness of maneuvers when facing a risky situation in traffic are critical.

There is no substitute for a proper driving practice supervised by an experienced driving instructor who can effectively communicate risks involved while driving a motor vehicle. At Driving School WA we are confident to say that “if we can’t help, nobody else can.” Our happy past learner driver clients will vouch for this statement.

The majority of parents we spoke to agree that moderate strictness is preferred while teaching their children how to drive. The strict teacher doesn’t mean rude or condescending, which is often misinterpreted. If a driving instructor truly cares about learner drivers safety in the future, conveying a life-threatening situation on the road cannot be in a relaxed and easy-going manner.

What does it mean “there are no identical situations” while driving?

It means that each situation consists of multiple factors such as:

  • Speed 
  • Distance 
  • Visibility
  • Pedestrians
  • Road surface
  • Weather factor
  • Other cars involved
  • Reaction time and ability 
  • Distance and speed of others
  • Condition of your vehicle and many more potential factors

How likely would it be to get all of the above and maybe more, the same? Not likely at all. It’s like getting the same lotto numbers multiple times in the same sequence. Think about it.

Learner drivers must develop better judgment skills to prevent accidents. Practicing more difficult things is crucial. We have reports from various sources that some learners never turn right on a major road in a peak hour traffic. Some learner drivers never turn right at an intersection with no green arrow. Some have no idea how to reverse park on the right-hand side after they got driver’s licence. Some have poor judgment of position of their front wheels when reversing. Some don’t check blind spots.

Is a lenient driving instructor a better option? Is so-called “easy going” and “couldn’t care less” very much the same? It’s easy to determine if your driving teacher is after some quick cash or to make you a safe driver. 

Get an experienced, knowledgeable and reliable driving instructor who puts your interests and SAFETY FIRST.

Don’t become a statistic. Perth roads are dangerous.

We thank our learner drivers and their parents for participating.

Drive Safe Perth 

January 2016 – March 2016. Driving School WA

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