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Licensing Centres Perth WA compared with Macca’s

(of course, based on level of services they provide)



McDonald’s has one of the world’s best operating systems that anyone can imagine. They provide excellent customer services. Every restaurant has the same menu, and everything tastes the same. They have same uniforms, and most importantly they treat customers with utmost respect. Why is this so critical to the management? Because the public need to know what to expect, and THAT is why they are so prolific in providing exceptional customer service. How is this relevant? Licencing Centres Perth, WA are not even a business! It’s Government Department!

That’s the point! Shouldn’t every Government Department have the system that applies to every office across the state including the call center? Why there are different rules in every individual Driver and Vehicle Service office. I am referring to both driving test criteria and the treatment by the staff when making a simple inquiry in person or over the phone. Remarks we often hear from learners who dealt with the Department of Transport in Perth are:


I had the examiner in Joondalup licensing center who belittled me so much that I thought I was never going to pass my test.” Says one of or former learner drivers. “He even said that some learners never pass the driving test and how I was trying too hard! He threw the paper sheet in my face, slamed the door and walked. I was totaly distraught. I didn’t want to speak to anyone for a couple of days.” 

As we walked out of the licensing office towards the car, I asked the assessor how had his day been. I was nervous and wanted to make a conversation.” According to our client. “He looked at me angrily, acknowledging that I asked him the question, and said nothing back to me, just kept walking. I passed the test because I had a lot of lessons, but I was freaked out by how he was acting the whole time. Even after he said that I passed, he refused to shake hands. I couldn’t believe how rude he was.”

I failed my driving test 3 times with different driving schools in 2 different test centers. I was so confused how they want you to do things completely differently” Our client says. ” The guy asked me to turn the wheels towards the kerb in the test excercise. When I said how I believed that parking and stopping are different, he asked me to turn around and drive back to the licensing place. I waited for like 15 minutes in the office after which he came out and said I didn’t meet standard. The next driving test I kept my wheels straight in the excercise left something behind, which was fine and passed that, but the lady failed me for not checking the level railwaiy crossing with conviction. I looked left and right about maybe 10 meters prior to crossing, how much more convincing it should have been.”

As I set in the car with the test guy, he asked me if I am familiar with the area, to wich I answered that I had a mock test a day before so I knew it reasonably well. The response was shocking. He said to me, now I’m going to take you places you don’t know and laughed like an idiot. I ended up passing, but the whole experience was unpleasant. Very inconsiderate and unprofessional.”

I went to West Perth for PDA when I failed my first test. My first driving school always sent a different instructor so I was not familiar with the car nor the instructor who could barely speak English. As we wanted to go inside of the licensing center 10 minutes prior the PDA, the two guys in some yellow uniforms showed up questioning the legitimacy of the instructor and his car. I was so scared. I didn’t know what was happening. I think that contributed to my “fail” on that day because it made me so much more nervous and I couldn’t think straight.”

In Midland Licensing Center they have this concierge desk where you need to report when you come in for the test. I was there 15 earlier, but the assessor came out 15 minutes late and visibly in a bad mood. The test was supposed to start at 1:50 and he showed up at like five past 2. He failed me for not checking my blind spot twice, after passing a parked car on the side of a residential street. It was evident to me that there was no driver in the car, so I only checked my mirror. I admit, that loss of points would be reasonable, but not to fail the test for such a minor mistake. The only other error I had was, stopping a bit too far from the kerb on a quiet street.”

I failed in Joondalup and Mirrabooka on what I believed were little errors in judgment. I needed to correct reverse park, missed the opportunity to turn and indicated late or early without causing any potential risk. They made it sound like I was the worst criminal. I went to Cannington the next week and passed despite making some similar mistakes. They didn’t see it as a major problem at all.”


Kelmscott and Cannington Licensing Centres are known as the most reasonable places to go for a PDA. Let’s be clear, some examiners in other centers are great human beings and professionals who are not obsessed with inflicting pain on people they never even met (failing for not a legitimate reason). There is a concern about the other ones.

It’s not a secret that the Department of Transport needs to address the inconsistency issues. More importantly, they need to train their personnel to be impartial and not to bring their home environment to work. Dissatisfaction also refers to “Call Center,” because most new operators are incapable of handling simple inquiries. Some people would describe it as “Beyond Joke.”  Not only incompetent but rude too. If you want to make a complaint or write a feedback, it’s almost impossible to find that section on the website.

So who wins? McDonald’s or Department of Transport. McDonald’s is the winner by far. One logo, one type of treatment and service. We don’t affiliate with McDonald’s in any capacity other than getting breakfast and coffee occasionally, but we highly recommend that DOT ministers and management look them up. Troy Buswell (former Minister of Transport) didn’t do much. We sincerely hope someone else will.

For anything regarding driving, test bookings, change in road rules or regulations, new traffic merging rules on freeways please feel free to contact us.


Licensing Centres Perth WA will benefit a major shake-up. Introduce mental fitness test for the most complained about staff members. Macca’s (10) – Licensing Centres Perth WA (1) Convincing Victory!

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