How to obtain a C Class Manual Licence UPGRADE in Western Australia (EXPLAINED) Watch the VIDEO

Manual Licence Upgrade Perth
Learn to drive a manual transmission car if you already hold an automatic C-A driver’s licence in Perth. You will need to become familiar with PDA procedures. How to meet the standard and pass a manual C class licence test? Save time and money! If you have a deadline set by your employer, plan well in advance.

Important Tips from Driving Experts

We recommend that you have at least one good driving session with a professional driving instructor. That way we can assess your skills and save you time. Procedures in Western Australia may be different than in other states in Australia. If you are upgrading to a manual transmission driver’s licence in WA, you will need to do the upgrade through the Department of Transport. Here in Western Australia. You would have to obtain a learner’s permit in order to book a driving assessment. However, you can practice with your valid automatic licence without getting a learner’s permit first.

How to qualify a private supervisor? 

A supervisor who holds a C-class manual and driver’s licence overall for not less than four calendar years can teach you. If you decide to practice with a private supervisor or licensed instructor you will have to display L-plates because it means that you’re practicing, and it means that you don’t hold a C-class manual licence.

Requirements and Restrictions

We often get questions about any restrictions that apply. Do you have to do a certain amount of hours to be able to go for your driving assessment? There’s no qualifying period if you already hold your C-A licence in Western Australia. So, there’s no qualifying period, and you can book your driving assessment as soon as you’ve obtained your learner’s permit for a C-class. There’s no mandatory logbook requirement for upgrading to C-class either.

What can you expect in the C-Class Driving Test?

Be aware that it might not be as easy as you expect to pass a C-class manual practical driving test. You’ll be judged exactly the same how you were judged when you went for your automatic licence. For example, if you’re holding your hand on the gear knob, if you’re palming the steering wheel and similar, you could fail. Regardless of the fact that you’re going for your manual PDA, you need to satisfy the criteria. Luckily that’s not going to affect your automatic licence. You are still going to keep your C-A licence if you fail. There is no lenience with indicating and checking the mirrors and blind spots. Everything that we do when we do a normal first-time driving test will be marked.

Recapping the C-Class Licence Upgrade Necessary Procedures

Once again, to upgrade from an automatic licence in Western Australia to C-class manual if you already hold an automatic licence, you don’t have to initially get the learner’s permit to practice. However, you will need to get the C class permit to be able to book the driving assessment through the Department of Transport. A lot of people decide to get the permit before they even start learning so it saves you time later on. Unfortunately, there’s no online facility so you have to go in person to your local DoT office.

How Busy is it, is there a free carpark at the DoT?

If you want to preserve your time it’s best to visit the DoT at 8:15 AM Monday to Friday, which is when they open the doors. If you walk in amongst the first group of people your ticket is probably going to get called within 15 minutes or even less. Otherwise, if you visit around midday you might need to allow a couple of hours of your valuable time. West Pert and Joondalup offices don’t have a free carpark facility. Please feel free to call us during our business hours if you have any questions. We hope that this clarifies how to obtain a manual driver’s licence here in Western Australia if you hold an automatic licence already.

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