Bad Weather Driving Test Tips

Booked your PDA on a rainy day? Here are FREE Bad Weather Driving Test Tips for learners anywhere. As a learner driver, you may not have experienced wild weather throughout your driving lessons. If it rains heavily on the day of your practical driving test, you must demonstrate to the assessor that you are a competent driver in such weather conditions. Welcome to Driving School WA. We often have a question about whether all the driving tests should be postponed in bad weather. if there’s a storm and heavy rain, in our opinion they should definitely go ahead and that’s the way the Department of Transport sees it. In our 20 years of experience, people who do their driver training in the wintertime benefit greatly from actually being taught in the wild weather. Knowing exactly how to do things, how to respond to any situations when it’s raining is not negotiable. Stormy weather shouldn’t affect practical driving assessments at all. There are only a couple of things that you’ve got to understand.  You’ve got to make sure that you use your window wipers and the demister properly.

Headlights in Bad Weather (Driving Test Tips)

To walk away with a driver’s licence on the day of your PDA you must meet the standard. When you sit in the car during the assessment you should respond accordingly to any potential crisis regardless of conditions. We also frequently have questions regarding the headlights in the heavy rain. Should we or should we not have the headlights on during the driving assessment and how to act in general while it rains? We definitely should because your vehicle will be a lot easier to intercept by other road users when you have your headlights on. Become familiar with necessary procedures if the conditions require you to drive differently.

Advantages of Driver Training in Winter

We also have people asking whether they should go ahead with the driving lessons they booked because it’s bad weather. What better opportunity than being taught by a professional driving instructor in unpredictable conditions. What you need to know! How to operate demisters, which settings, how to use the window wipers what are the proper settings, and whether we should touch switches while we’re steering or changing gears. So, it is a great advantage if people have driving lessons during the winter weather rather than just having them in the summertime.

Driving Test Go Ahead in Bad Weather

So all driving assessment bookings will definitely go ahead in any weather because that way examiners will have a better opportunity to assess if you lack any skills.  Don’t stress, generally, the traffic will be a lot slower in heavy rain or fog, so just adjust to the conditions and follow the car in front of you. Most importantly don’t panic, because panicking never helps. Make sure you don’t get too close to the vehicle in front because the stopping distance will be far greater than in dry conditions. Don’t hit the brakes suddenly and heavily and also when you’re moving off, for example, you’re sitting at the lights try to be a little bit more sensitive on the accelerator. It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving automatic or a manual car just try to be a little bit more sensitive on acceleration because it can be very slippery.

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