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Professional driving lessons in Yokine & surrounding suburbs available seven days a week.

We provide comprehensive driver training from the first lesson to driving test and even second phase log book driving lessons. Rest assured you are getting best driving lessons in Perth at competitive rates.

We make sure that we address individual needs. Not everyone needs the same number of lessons.

We are proud of our ability to prepare our learner drivers for driving test in a very short period.

How so? We have efficient teaching methods.

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We specialize in driving test preparation

Whether you are transferring your overseas licence or going for your automatic or manual licence first time, we will make easy for you. Finding a suitable driving test date and time can be tough. Let us get you PDA booking at your preferred licensing centre. Test route familiarization is a part of our service. We always take our students for extensive practice in the area of the test centre.


Learner Driver

candidates need to meet the standard to pass the test. Seven criteria points and five driving test sections comprise Practical Driving Test. Our instructors have excellent communication skills. Our ability to convey our knowledge is second to none. We have an instant ONLINE BOOKING system. At Driving School WA we care about the outcome.


We would be delighted to help with your driving lessons

Our points of difference are experience and passion for teaching. If we can’t get you pass your PDA, nobody else can. We helped thousands of learners pass PDA. We can organize test bookings at any Perth driving centre. Give us a call before you book elsewhere. If you are dissatisfied with your current driving school, try us. It’s your money your call. Don’t choose second best. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

No cancellation fees for driving lesson bookings.

Verbal notification of any necessary change would be greatly appreciated.

If you are starting and finishing a driving lesson at a different location, let us know in advance


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