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Driving school WA in Victoria Park. Your local driver training provider since 2001. Check out our 24 seven bookings online. Book and manage your driving Lessons online in your time. Our services are at your fingertips. Have more time practising driving with professional driving instructors. It’s key to success. Sign up with Driving School WA for an intensive driving course.

Our driving courses are highly efficient. The vast majority of our learner drivers pass tests on the 1st attempt when they go for the driving test. We teach various aspects of safe driving such as high speed and consequences, alcohol consumption and seriousness of obtaining first driver’s licence. Also, how to be properly seated and buckled up, both passengers and drivers.


Manual Driving Lessons

Road safety and all potential risks associated with driving are critical particulars of becoming a licenced driver. We practically demonstrate how to do the most difficult manoeuvres when driving a car. We show you what to do at high speeds as well as how to park in tight spaces. We will take you through all types of intersections so that you can control the vehicle in any given circumstances on the road. Also, our instructors teach lane change and merging multiple lanes at high speeds. Part of our intensive driving course is severe weather driving in winter for those who are participating in winter months.

We demonstrate and convey parking techniques, stopping at the level railway crossing and everything in respect of PDA procedures that you will have to encounter in your practical driving assessment.


Manual Driving Lessons

If you hold an International drivers licence we will guide you through the process and explain everything important that you need to know from the verification of your overseas driver’s licence to acquiring your WA driver’s licence. Also if you are upgrading to C class manual transmission licence, we will guide you through the process from A to Z. Often people ask us how many lessons they will need. After we see you on your 1st appointment, we will assess your skills and advise you of approximate number of appointments you may need. Safe driving habits are second to none despite the level of your previous experience. If you hold an interstate driver’s licence we can also help make sure that you are on the right path to transferring to West Australian licence.


Manual Driving Lessons

Contact us for anything to do with licencing or getting a drivers licence in Western Australia. At Driving School WA, we proudly serve the community for almost two decades.

We will make you aware of all the risks that are associated with driving, from using handheld mobile devices and it’s implications to dangerous driving on and off-road. Mobile devices must be secured tightly to the dashboard or the windshield while driving. You cannot have any mobile device rested on any part of your body either. It strictly must be fixed to the dashboard or a windscreen of your vehicle. There’s nothing that we don’t cover throughout the process of the driver training. We value our clients, and we will not allow any of our instructors to betray your trust.





Manual Driving Lessons

Feel free to contact us during our business hours for a complimentary consultation. Find your driving instructor in Victoria Park. Auto and manual driving lessons Victoria Park and all surrounding suburbs.

For beginners:

Do your research and make an informed decision whether you chose the automatic or manual transmission.


Manual Driving Lessons

Book online 24 hours 7 days a week or call us during business hours for a consultation. Make sure when you drive with private supervisors that you drive in most conditions and circumstances, providing that you’ve got enough skills to follow the instructions adequately.

We care about the outcome!


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