Driving Lessons Thornlie


driving lessons Thornlie WA.

Experienced and multi-class qualified driving instructors in Thornlie. Efficient driving courses for auto and manual. 

Most our intensive course participants pass driving test first time. We affiliate with best driving instructors in Perth.

Upgrading your class to C, or starting from scratch, that’s our expertise. Our cars have dual controls.

We emphasize situational awareness and potential risks on roads. At Driving School WA we are dedicated to professional development.

We keep up with all the trends, changes or amendments in road rules or regulations. If we don’t know, nobody does. Hire us, we can help. 

Don’t hire an amateur.


Driving Lessons Thornlie WA for Beginners and “C” Class Upgrade

Appointing a  professional driving instructor will make the World of difference beginner learner drivers. After a few lessons with us, it will be easier and safer to start practising with other supervisors such as family. An automatic car is less difficult to drive than a manual. It is also safer when driving through busy intersections. Manual cars can stall on take off which can be an obstruction that is not anticipated by drivers from behind. Call us for FREE consultations. Learner drivers! Do the research about a difference between automatic and manual. Make a decision based on what you need. To learn driving a manual car it will cost more due to more practice being required. Single manual driving lessons are not more expensive than automatic. It takes a little longer to master due to its complexity. For manual, we will allocate the best instructor for you.


Advanced Driving Lessons

suitable for car enthusiasts and upgrades to manual from automatic. Whatever the reason, we would love to help. Want to learn a double clutch technique? Don’t know how to reverse a trailer? Having trouble with hill starts? What to do when you have a flat tire? Courteous and responsible driving. Extreme weather driving. Operating demisters correctly in winter. Tire pressure checking. Reverse parallel parking. How to replace light bulbs. Indicator and stop light globes. Wiper blades changing. Anything to do with cars is our expertise. Give us a call Today.





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