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Automatic and manual transmission driving lessons Perth WA. Experienced driving instructors available seven days a week. Incredibly effective driver training methods. The vast majority of our learner driver test candidates pass driving test first time. We also affiliate with best motorcycle and truck driving instructors. Should you need to upgrade your driver’s licence class, please feel free to contact us. Our vehicles have dual controls. We focus on situational awareness and make sure our learners are well aware of all potential risks associated with driving. At Driving School WA instructors are dedicated to professional development. We constantly keep up with all the news, changes or amendments regarding road rules and regulations. If we don’t know it, nobody else does.


Driving Lessons Perth WA for Beginners and Advanced

We highly recommended for learner drivers without any experience to appoint professional driving instructor. After a few professional lessons, it will be both easier and safer to start practising with family members as well. An automatic car is easier to drive than a manual transmission car. It is also safer when transiting through a busy intersection. Manual cars can stall on take off which can be potentially dangerous. We offer a FREE consultation before you book your 1st lesson. Beginner Learner drivers should also do their research about the difference between auto and manual. To master driving a manual car it will cost considerably more due to its complexity. Individual manual car driving lessons are not more expensive than automatic, but it takes longer to learn.


Advanced Driving

Advanced driving is usually a brush-up practice, upgrade to manual or improvement of skills in general. If you are driving enthusiast, we would love to help. Want to learn a double clutch technique? Don’t know how to reverse a trailer? Having trouble with hill starts? What to do when you have a flat tire? Courteous driving. Responsible driving. Extreme weather driving. Operating demisters correctly in winter. Tire pressure checking. Reverse parallel parking. How to replace light bulbs. Indicator and stop light globes. Wiper blades changing. Anything to do with cars is our expertise. We would love to help. Give us a call. 

No cancellation fees for driving lesson bookings.

Verbal notification of any necessary change would be greatly appreciated.

If you are starting and finishing a driving lesson at a different location, let us know in advance


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Conditions on Provisional Licence in WA After passing a driving assessment, a provisional licence is issued. The first period of six months red "P" plates and then green "P" plates for the remaining 18 months.  Four demerit points on red and additional four after the...

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Amended Cyclists Law in Western Australia From 30 November 2017, our State Government introduces the new minimum passing distance, to protect cyclists. Four demerit points and $400 apply for drivers disobeying the new passing distance law. Drivers must pass cyclists...

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New Rules from 9 October 2017 Effective from 9th October 2017, the Department of Transport WA will enforce new rules for existing and future learner's permit holders in Perth. These changes are official, and there are some major changes to pre 9th October system....

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