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When considering to appoint a driving instructor or driving school that operates locally, remember to think about more than just one thing. Price of the lesson does not necessarily reflect the quality of the lesson.

Ask the following questions to find out whether you will receive quality training. Is there a planned program for a learner driver in a way that’s easily understood?  Can you practice that with other supervisors as well? Are there structured lessons with an instructor? Shall the instructor show you what to do, explain what’s required and make you familiar with the driving test procedures? Will the instructor explore new ways of correcting your errors? Is the instructor going to set a strategy for you so you can practice with your private teachers? Is each lesson going to finish with a review of your progress? Is the follow-up email with notes included which stipulates the errors that you are making the day before your PDA? Is your driving school organising a driving test for you?


Manual Driving Lessons

If you don’t get this type of service, you may look around and find a person who will be able to provide it. Getting a driving instructor who doesn’t have a strategic approach to your driving lessons can be a waste of time and money. We will do all of the above for all our driver training participants. Rest assured, at Driving School WA we got you covered.

Why take supervised driving lessons conducted by professional driving instructors?

There’s evidence that experience and quality supervision reduces Road crashes and learner drivers inevitably become far better drivers. After they complete their driving lessons, the attitude behind the wheel can impact more than just passing a driving test.


Driving Lessons Southern Suburbs

When you pass your driving test your real driving test starts. More importantly, people who have acquired the driver skills must develop the accuracy of skills before they can go on roads unassisted. Freeway and Highway speed limits exceed 80 km an hour, and we must be at the level of an experienced driver when making quick decisions on the go. Research shows that driving experience can reduce the risk of getting involved in the driving accident in the future. Learners must be aware of and focus on the road and other road users. Safety when driving a motor vehicle is a Paramount.

When driving a car, we must be aware that we will not encounter one identical situation even if we drive for 10 or 15 years. It’s extremely important to understand that there are so many factors comprising each situation. Despite the potential similarity, it is quite impossible to get that situation identical to the one we experienced before. As most of us know, we need to be able to react and make the right decisions in a very short amount of time.


Professional Driving Lessons

There are frequent situations and circumstances where our decision can impact the whole outcome. Being aware of all of the risks associated with driving a motor vehicle is of the utmost importance to safety. When you drive by yourself, you must be able to look out for your safety and everyone else’s. When you acquire the skills that become your second nature, you will have the capacity to focus on other road users, your position and situational aspects of safe driving. Drive as much as possible. Practising helps make your driving skills more complete. Moreover, include all types of maneuvers into your driving repertoire such as reverse parking, reverse parallel parking, parking on the left, parking on the right side and all the other tasks.





Driving Tuition by Experts

Take professional driving lessons with us, and you will benefit in the long term. We will convey all of our experience and knowledge selflessly. Proper driver training can be the best investment you’ve ever made. Inner city driving, like in Perth CBD is very hectic, and sometimes we see situations where people are impatient. Some drivers attempt to blend in traffic as quickly as possible, causing a potential crisis for themselves and others. If we are in the way of an aggravated driver who drives erratically, if we can’t react properly, we might be in trouble. It’s great to undertake a few peak hour driving lessons because that is the aspect that confuses most young drivers. So feel free to call us for peak-hour traffic driving lessons at affordable prices


Manual Driving Lessons

Book online 24 hours 7 days a week or call us during business hours for a consultation. Make sure when you drive with private supervisors that you drive in most conditions and circumstances, providing that you’ve got enough skills to follow the instructions adequately.

We care about the outcome!


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