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Automatic and manual car driving lessons Applecross WA – 6153. Experienced & reliable driving instructors. Highly practical driver training procedure. The majority of our learners pass PDA first time. Driving School WA associates with knowledgeable, experienced and professional instructors.

Upgrading your driver’s licence class? We have outstanding pass rate. Our customers are always happy. Advanced and beginners driving lessons.

Intensive driving courses, upgrade to C class, freeway and night driving. At Driving School WA we are dedicated to helping. Most importantly, we constantly achieve top driving test results. Our philosophy and teaching methodology works for everyone.

Become a competent driver, because it matters. Call us today for a Free Consultation during business hours Monday to Friday.


Auto and Manual Driving Lessons Applecross WA

Learner drivers without any experience, be on the safe side and hire one of our friendly driving instructors. Also, after a certain number of professional supervised lessons, it’s safer to start practising with family. Automatic cars are easier to learn driving than manual. Manual cars can stall on take off which can be risky in busy traffic. Our cars have dual controls. So, a research about the difference between automatic and manual is recommended before commencing driver education. Fortunately, we provide a consultation before you book the first lesson. To master driving a manual car, it can cost more than an automatic due to its complexity. A single manual driving lesson doesn’t cost more than an automatic, but it takes longer to learn. Enrol in a driving course with us, because you will benefit.


We teach situational awareness

We ensure that our learners know of all potential risks associated with driving. So, if you want to learn how to drive in most conditions, we suggest an intensive driving course. Having trouble with hill starts? Flat tire? Operating demisters correctly. How to check tire pressure. Reverse parallel parking. How to replace light bulbs, indicator and stop light globes. Anything to do with cars or driver’s licenses in WA is our expertise. We would love to help you, or someone else you refer us to. Give us a call. Why risk hiring an amateur. We have been around since 2001. Many thousands of happy customers across Perth, so join the list today.





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